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Healthcare Lobbying Services

The Law Offices of Frank D. Boston have been lobbying on behalf of healthcare clients for several years, and our contacts within the local, state, and federal levels have enabled our staff to effectively advance the agenda of our clients. We also provide procurement lobbying of state and local contracts.

We have worked with several different types of entities in the healthcare arena, including hospitals and health insurance companies. Using our extensive network we have found success in regard to regulatory issues, securing procurement contracts, and influencing regulations and rules concerning health insurance.

As a health care lobbying firm, our familiarity with the legislative process allows us to positively impact the decision makers involved in health care issues. For over 18 years, we have cultivated relationships at nearly every level of government, including the State Department of Health. We also have strong ties to local health care commissioners in Baltimore City. These are the types of relationships a successful lobbying firm has in place, and can access to further our client’s agenda.

Our offices are located in Baltimore City and also in Annapolis, mere steps away from the state capital and the offices of politicians in the senate and general assembly. These locations allow us to quickly access the decision makers and committee members, throughout the year.

The services we provide as a health care lobbyist include:

As your health care lobbyist and government relations representative, we dedicate ourselves to helping you achieve your goals. Throughout the entire lobbying process, we will stay in touch with you and your staff, providing updates and insights. We conduct all of our lobbying efforts in an ethical, and professional manner.

Contact the Law Offices of Frank D. Boston III today at 410-323-7090 and schedule an appointment to discuss how we can assist in your health care lobbying effort.