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Legal Services

attorney talking with clientsThe Law Offices of Frank D. Boston III provide clients with general litigation services. We take a traditional approach to servicing our clients, which includes providing personal service and counsel. Maintaining communication is vital to successfully representing you, and meetings and depositions are conducted at times and places that are convenient for you.

This approach enables the lawyers and support staff to acquire details and information that benefit our client’s case. Unlike other attorneys, we do our work the old fashioned way — by meeting in person with you, discovering as much information as we can, and then doing everything we can to win your case.

When you hire the Law Offices of Frank D. Boston III, you immediately improve your chances of winning your case because of the reputation we have in Baltimore and Maryland’s legal community. Our practice is known for its integrity and honesty, along with our knowledge of the law — which benefits our clients in terms of reaching a positive settlement.

We believe in providing affordable legal services to the clientele we service, and our rates are usually percentages less than similar attorneys in the Baltimore area. This pricing structure allows clients of any background to hire a competent, well known law firm that provides top-notch legal service.

Our law offices are located in northern Baltimore and also in Annapolis, and our attorneys and staff have no problem traveling to visit with our clients. We work with clients to accommodate their schedules, and remain in constant communication via meetings, phone calls, and emails.

The Law Offices of Frank D. Boston III are staffed by competent, caring personnel who want to provide clients with affordable, dependable legal services. We have over 18 years of experience, and a thorough knowledge of the local, state, and federal legal system.

Hire a law firm that cares more about its clients than its legal fees, contact the Law Offices of Frank D. Boston III today at 410-323-7090.