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Manufacturers and Corporate Interests

Keeping a business healthy and profitable requires an enormous amount of hard work and effort. Outside competition is part of the landscape, but when legislation at a local, state, or government level threatens to impact your bottom line, you need a lobbyist who knows how to get things done.

At the Law Offices of Frank D. Boston III, we have successfully lobbied for a wide variety of companies in Baltimore, Maryland and across the country. We have worked with giants in the apparel industry and the world’s largest online retailer. All of our clients have directly benefitted from our dedication, legal acumen, and our extensive network of contacts in the government.

The services we provide as a lobbyist include:

When it comes to manufacturers and corporate interests, the area that creates the most cause for concern is taxes and the associated legislation. In addition to taxes, there are also regulatory issues that companies face — and if they become law, could severely impact the bottom line.

Countering legislation aimed at raising, or establishing, taxes requires a network of contacts throughout the government. We have worked for more than 18 years to create strong ties at the state and local level, in addition to the federal government.

We are familiar with the staff and politicians who comprise tax committees, budget committees, and in the ways and means departments. Together, we have successfully led the fight against taxes on several different fronts, including:

When you hire our team as your lobbyist, you will be working with a partner who will advance your best interests, and monitor legislation throughout the year. All of the work we do as lobbyists is performed in a professional, and totally ethical manner.

Contact us today at 410-323-7090 and schedule an appointment to discuss how we can assist in your lobbying effort.