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Professional Associations

professional associationsProfessional associations have a great deal of responsibility to their members, and when it comes to working on issues that are up for legislation, that responsibility can seem overwhelming. Our team has worked closely with professional associations in Maryland across the country to assist them with their lobbying efforts.

When an issue arises that directly effects the members of your association, they want action taken — and they want it taken quickly. We have staffed legislative committees for our professional association clients, and communicated that information directly to them, making sure everyone remains aware of the situation.

Lobbying for professional associations also takes the form of understanding the internal politics of that association, and accurately representing those concerns to lawmakers, politicians, and policy makers. We have also been successful at harnessing the dedication and passion of professional association members, and creating extremely successful grassroots campaigns.

When you hire us as your lobbyist, you directly benefit from the experience and knowledge that comes from more than 18 years of lobbying efforts. Our contacts within state and local government enable us to accurately represent your agenda, in a professional and ethical manner.

The services we provide as a lobbyist include:

Our offices are located in Baltimore and Annapolis, so our team can be close to the legislative proceedings. This proximity pays off throughout the year, not just when the legislative bodies meet on an annual basis. As your lobbyist, we will gather information and communicate it directly to you in the form of weekly meetings and teleconferences.

If you are a professional association who requires lobbying efforts from a dedicated, knowledgeable lobbyist, contact the Law Offices of Frank D. Boston III today at 410-323-7090 and schedule an appointment.