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Real Estate

The real estate industry represents a vital part of the local and state economy, and is subject to continued regulations and taxes that can hinder business and directly impact the bottom line. Having a voice in legal and political proceedings that concern the real estate industry is one of the keys for success. We can provide this voice, and insight, for clients in the real estate industry.

We have cultivated relationships with a variety of key contacts and committees in Baltimore and around the State of Maryland. Our client list includes the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors, and the experience we have gained in the past 18 years directly benefits our clients.

The team of lobbyists at the Law Offices of Frank D. Boston III is familiar with the legal proceedings associated with the real estate industry. Over the past several years, we have provided lobbying services to clients who needed representation with:

As a real estate lobbyist, we will monitor ongoing legislation that could directly impact the industry. We can also attend meetings, hearings, and review upcoming legislation. Communication to our real estate clients is key, and we use weekly meetings, teleconferences, and emails to ensure everyone is kept informed and up to date.

Throughout the lobbying process, we will act in a professional and ethical manner. Our office locations in Baltimore and Annapolis enable us to remain in contact with key players, and monitor the situation as it happens.

If you are a real estate client who requires lobbying efforts from a dedicated, knowledgeable lobbyist, contact us today at 410-323-7090 and schedule an appointment.