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Telecommunications and Advertising

Telecommunication and advertising concerns face a variety of challenges that appear as regulations, taxes, and legislation, which severely impact how business is conducted and threaten to hurt the bottom line.

At the Law Offices of Frank D. Boston III, we have provided lobbying services to telecommunication and advertising businesses for over 18 years. Our legal background enables us to successfully interpret laws, regulations, and taxes — and then devise strategies and tactics to help our clients succeed.

The services we provide as a lobbyist include:

In addition to these services, we have also successfully lobbied for the advertising industry when it has been faced with legislation that threatened to impact their First Amendment right to free speech and expression. Defeating this legislation provided us with the type of experience and knowledge that directly benefits our advertising clients.

Our experience with lobbying on behalf of telecommunication companies includes countering regulations that would impede their ability to function and maintain an ongoing profit. We also worked to defeat certain legislation in regard to increased taxes.

Our lobbying offices are located in Baltimore and Washington, and this proximity to local and government entities allows us to monitor ongoing legislation, and actively represent your business. The relationships that we have with local and state lawmakers, committees, and legislators provide direct benefits to our clients.

When you hire us as your lobbyists, you will receive constant communication in the form of teleconferences and weekly meetings. Our team knows the value of communication, and our goal is to make sure you know about developments as soon as they happen.

If you are a professional association who requires lobbying efforts from a dedicated, knowledgeable lobbyist, contact our offices today at 410-323-7090 and schedule an appointment.