68 State Circle
Annapolis, MD 21401
2002 Clipper Park Rd.
Unit 108
Baltimore, MD 21211

About Frank D. Boston III Law Group

The Law Offices of Frank D. Boston III was formed more than 18 years ago, and quickly grew to become one of the top lobbying and government relations firms in Baltimore and Maryland. In addition to lobbying, the group specializes in general litigation, ranging from carbon monoxide cases to personal injury lawsuits. Frank is consistently ranked among the top lobbyists in Maryland by the state ethics commission.

The practice has two locations, one in Baltimore and a second in Annapolis. Both of these locales were selected so the lawyers and support personnel could continue to provide boutique services to a wide, and diverse group of clients.

When you hire the Law Offices of Frank D. Boston III, you get more than a master litigator, you immediately benefit from years of experience in the law and lobbying fields. The size of our practice allows each attorney to personally meet with his or her client and fully explain strategy and tactics.

As a business lobbyist located in Baltimore and Annapolis, our firm finds itself in an excellent position to meet with special interest groups located in the state capital, and also in Washington, DC — which is less than half an hour from our offices.

Business lobbyists in Maryland are common, but few of them can immediately tap the extensive network that is available to our professional staff. Years of hard work and ethical practices and processes have created a sterling reputation for our staff, and it is recognized by the political and government personnel we interact with on behalf of our clients.

In addition to our lobbying efforts, we are also available to provide counsel and representation to members of the community who are looking for professional, accommodating attorneys. Our boutique style does not keep us from handling larger claims, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, serious personal injury, and alcohol related driving incidents.

Our staff is dedicated to providing expert counsel to clients, regardless of what they require from our practice. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, and we build relationships with clients that evolve into partnerships lasting several years.

Whatever you require from the Law Offices of Frank D. Boston III, we can provide it to you in a professional, dedicated manner. If you have questions about your case or your particular lobbying project, please contact us today.