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Online AdvertisingOur partners in the telecommunication and advertising fields face a variety of challenges that our firm is familiar with and equipped to handle. We support our clients through various legal and legislative obstacles like regulations, taxes, and legislation, which can severely impact how business is conducted and can threaten to hurt the bottom line. With over 26 years of experience in these particular areas of the law, Boston Plaut has proven experience with successfully furthering the interests of our telecommunication and advertising clients.

The services we provide as a lobbyist include:

  • Testify at HearingsTestifying at hearings
  • Preparing Written TestimoniesPreparing written testimonies
  • Organizing Grassroots Lobbying EffortsOrganizing grassroots lobbying efforts
  • Preparing AmendmentsPreparing amendments
  • Tracking and Monitoring LegislationTracking and monitoring legislation
  • Procurement LobbyingProcurement lobbying

Telecommunication Towers with TV Antennas and Satellite Dish in SunsetAdditionally, we have also successfully lobbied for our clients in advertising industry when they have been faced with legislation that threatened to impact their First Amendment right to free speech and expression. Defeating this legislation provided us with the type of experience and knowledge that directly benefits our advertising clients.

In the past, our lobbying efforts on behalf of telecommunication companies countered regulations that would have impacted our client’s bottom-line and impeded their ability to operate their business at their highest capacity. We have also successfully countered legislation that would have increased taxes on our clients, effectively saving them time and money.

Our lobbying offices are located in Baltimore and Annapolis, and this proximity to local and government entities allows us to monitor ongoing legislation, and actively represent your business. The relationships that we have with local and state lawmakers, committees, and legislators provide direct benefits to our clients.

When you hire our team as your lobbyists, you will be working with a partner who will advance your best interests and monitor legislation throughout the year. With our practice you can always expect the work we do as lobbyists to be performed in a professional, and totally ethical manner.

If you are a professional association who requires lobbying efforts from a dedicated, knowledgeable lobbyist, contact our offices today at 410-323-7090 and schedule an appointment.
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