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Hospitality and Tourism

The hospitality and tourism industries are responsible for bringing vibrant revenue streams into Maryland and its surrounding cities and attractions. Remaining profitable and providing quality service is only two of the many challenges faced by these industries — overcoming issues such as taxes, regulations, and zoning requires the assistance of the experts at the Law Offices of Frank D. Boston III.

We have been working with members of the hospitality and tourism industry for more than 18 years. We have used our extensive network and political relationships to ensure these industries are treated fairly, and act as their voice when possible damaging legislation has been proposed by local, state, and federal assemblies.


The lobbying services we provide to hospitality industry members include working with hotels and other concerns. We are experts at issues such as taxes, regulations, zoning, and employment wages, along with issues relating to restaurants, alcohol, and entertainment.

Our team is familiar with the political process at every level. We actively monitor the legislation that could directly impact the industry, and work diligently to advance your agenda. Communication is paramount in our process, and we keep our clients informed through weekly teleconferences, emails, and face-to-face meetings.


The tourism industry is responsible for attracting visitors to our state and its surrounding attractions — from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to the Eastern Shore.

We have worked with clients to ensure the state’s budget includes funds for advancing our tourism industry. Without the financial support of the government and state institutions, the tourism industry cannot achieve success.

In addition to budget concerns, we have also lobbied to ensure that a fair share of the taxes paid out by the tourism industry is earmarked for promoting and marketing Maryland as destination for tourists across the country.

If you are a hospitality or tourism concern who requires lobbying efforts from a dedicated, knowledgeable lobbyist, contact the lobbying experts today at 410-323-7090 and schedule an appointment.